Gaming Meets Hospitality
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Gaming Meets Hospitality

Consumer desires have changed, and the gaming and entertainment industries are at a crossroads. For casino resorts to attract and retain customers, they must “reposition themselves as a premier destination for all consumers, including non-gamers, integrating various elements and attractions within as a part of a broader destination experience,” according to the latest piece by…

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Forever Learning, and Apparently Quicker and Better than AI

At Convergence Strategy Group, we are continually refreshing our skills, learning new things, questioning, and growing. Whether through mandated continuing education to maintain my AICP credentials, industry conferences, podcasts, books, or news articles, we are constantly expanding our knowledge base. That brings me to AI, the most hyped-up tool I can recall in some time….

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Will Casino Gaming Come to the Lone Star State?

The December issue of GGB Global Gaming Business Magazine leads with the Top 10 industry trends for 2023, including integrated resorts in Europe, microbetting, casino marketing changes, and Trend #4: Texas Teases by CSG Managing Partner Suzanne P. Leckert. The article addresses the potential for casino gaming legislation in Texas: The rumors have been going around…

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Check the Freshness Date

The following article by CSG Principals, Scott Fisher and Suzanne Leckert, was recently featured in GGB News: When seeking advice from consultants, don’t just take their word for it or even their data. Information compiled years ago may not be applicable to current situations so make sure your data is up to date. Making decisions…