Illinois – New Gaming Opportunities for Everyone (to Get Cannibalized?)
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Illinois – New Gaming Opportunities for Everyone (to Get Cannibalized?)

Earlier this month, the Illinois General Assembly passed legislation that paves the way for a major expansion of gaming in the state. Slots at racetracks and airports, new casinos in six new cities (including Chicago), as well as sports betting proximate to large stadiums around the state will all add to the existing gaming landscape…

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Progress Toward Integrated Resorts in Japan

Just returned from yet another Japan Gaming Congress. Things seem to have progressed somewhat slowly since last year’s Congress, but as compared to last year when prognosticators were all over the board as to when integrated casino resorts would ultimately pop up in Japan (2024-2030), there didn’t appear to be much variance this time around…

No New Casinos in the Philippines???
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No New Casinos in the Philippines???

This past Tuesday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte fired the board and management of the Nayong Pilipino Foundation because he was unhappy with the lack of a public bid process and the resulting license terms for the Landing International casino resort project in Entertainment City near Manila. But what followed on Wednesday, I would assume reverberated…

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Who We Are and What We’re All About

While Convergence Stategy Group is new firm, Dr. Scott Fisher and I have been active in the development, casino gaming, economics, and planning sectors for more than two decades.  Recently, we were fortunate to sit down with Roger Gros of Global Gaming Business to discuss what we have in store.  You can access the Global…