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City of Gretna, LA


Master Planning


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City of Gretna Comprehensive Plan

As part of a team of planners, and during her time with TMG Consulting, Suzanne Leckert produced drafts of the Housing and Economic Development Elements of the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Gretna. These drafts, currently under review by the City of Gretna, are the result of in-depth research, public anticipation, and a series of analyses and planning exercises. A demographic and economic profile of Gretna and the surrounding region was performed, revealing industries where Gretna lags behind, and pointing to areas for potential economic growth. Housing trends were identified, and relationships between occupations of residents, income levels, housing values, and price points for rental housing were evaluated in order to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These data points are being mapped and analyzed through geographic information systems (GIS), and recommendations for future development and regulations to further the goals of the City are being made. These elements of the Comprehensive Plan each include a set of goals for the City, specific policy changes to support those goals, as well as incentive programs and potential financing structures to achieve them.