Project Details


Northern California


Demographic and Psychographic Analytics, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Market Research, Project Feasibility

Project Description

As a sub-consultant to a private global merchant advisory and investing boutique firm, Convergence Strategy Group (CSG) performed an in-depth analysis of the demographic, economic, and competitive environment of a large region containing over 13 million people. Utilizing geographic information systems (GIS) and the latest data available through both public and proprietary sources such as ESRI, our firm developed a comprehensive assessment of the potential feeder market for a large-scale entertainment destination. A hotel assessment was conducted, evaluating the competitive set, and projecting potential room nights of demand, hotel revenues, and casino revenues per room under multiple scenarios. Additionally, CSG assessed the competitive environment for both casino enterprises and concert/entertainment venues, highlighting excess demand for such facilities in the region. These analyses were used by the client in their strategic planning process, and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento will open in Fall 2019.